FAA and Transport CANADA approved for use.

Meets and exceeds FAA Airport Advisory Circular 150/5345-55
Meets and exceeds NTSB Safety Recommendation A-03-05 and 06

Tow Position
Electronic Control Box
Independent Suspension
Pilot's View - Night Time
RCM Protective Cover (optional)
REVISION DATE: 04/29/2004

It is the intent of these specifications on all points, whether or not covered herein, to supply a runway closure marker to indicate to inbound aircraft that the marked runway is closed.


  1. The PORTABLE RUNWAY CLOSURE MARKER (RCM) must be designed to form a lighted X which contains twenty-one (21) 90 watt par 38, 10 degree weather proof outdoor standard base clear Halogen spot bulbs with one (1) bulb located in the center and five (5) bulbs located in each of the four (4) legs. All X panel bulbs, light sockets, wiring and connections must be enclosed in a weather resistant housing.

  2. The lighted X formed when opened and operating will be 20' 6" (6.248m) each continuous leg and 14' 6" (4.420m) on the peripheral.

  3. The (RCM) must collapse for transport and storage so that all parts are inside the trailer frame dimensions to prevent damage.

  4. Illumination of the (RCM) will be workable in a continuous or flashing mode. This must be controlled by a SOLID STATE FLASHER. MECHANICAL FLASHERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

5. A photo cell must be used to reduce the voltage to 75 volts for nighttime operations.

6. Flash interval time will be:

  • Bright mode - Approximately 2.5 seconds on and 2.5 seconds off.

  • Dim mode - Approximately 2.5 seconds on and 2.5 seconds off.

7. A radio interference filter will be installed with a operation frequency of 50 Hz.

8. The (RCM) must have at least two (2) lights (mounted at the backside of the upper portion of the top of the legs of the X) on the backside of the X to indicate power is being supplied to the (RCM) and to indicate that more than one (1) bulb has become inoperative.

9. The (RCM) must be designed so it can be used while still attached to the tow vehicle or have the means to stand alone.

10. The (RCM) must be able to withstand winds of 40 MPH (64.37 KPH) while in operational mode. THIS MUST BE DOCUMENTED.

11. The runway closure marker must be discernible from a distance of 3 to 5 miles (4.828 to 8.047 km) VFR daytime and a minimum of 6 miles (9.656 km) VFR nighttime. These distances must be determined from an aircraft using a Loran receiver. Documents substantiating these field tests by an independent third party must accompany specifications.

12. Set up time for the (RCM) must be capable of being accomplished by one person in two (2) minutes or less. This means the (RCM) can be raised and operating within this time frame.

13. The (RCM) must have the fuel capacity to run at FULL LOAD for a minimum of 120 hours without refueling.

14. The (RCM) must have the capability of being hard wired for the convenience of operating without the use of a generator for prime power.

15. All electrical components must be UL listed.


1. The angle mechanism will be constructed of 2" (60.96 cm) square tubing.

2. The angle mechanism must be capable of tilting 3 degrees from vertical and have trailer adjustments to accommodate this angle no matter what the degree of the runway.

3. The angle mechanism will be operated by an electric actuator which will both raise and lower the mechanism with power from the generator. The actuator must be approved by the manufacture for this application. The actuator must have the following: 3,000 pound (1.361 t) static, capacity, solenoid brake, weather proof, spur gear reduction, 30% Duty cycle motor rating.


1. The (RCM) legs will be constructed from aluminum.

2. A locking system will be installed to secure the legs from expanding when the (RCM) is in the transport mode.


1. The trailer frame will be constructed from 2" (60.96 cm) square tubing.

2. Trailer dimensions: 7'6" (2.29m) wide, 10' (3.05m) long.

3. A 1500# (0.680 t) axle with built-in independent Henschen type suspension or equal. Axle springs, shackles, or shock absorbers are not acceptable.

4. 4.80 x 12" (203.20 x 30.48 cm) tubeless 4-ply tires, 12" (30.48 cm) wheels and fenders.

5. 2" FAS-LOC coupling rated at 3500# (1.588 t) GVW., with safety chains.

6. A two inch (5.08 cm) ball will be mounted at the rear of the trailer to facilitate towing of a second (RCM).

7. Provisions to accommodate safety chains will be mounted at the rear of the trailer.

8. D.O.T. approved brake, tail, and turn signal lights and reflectors are provided.

9. Five (5) 2000 lb. (0.91 t) jack stands located at each corner and tongue.


1. The entire (RCM) unit will be powder coated gloss to a 1.8 mil minimum dry film thickness. Powder to be outdoor rated, UV resistant, polyester TGIC with the following characteristics:

H-2H Pencil Hardness .. ASTM-D522
160 IN-Lb Gardner direct & reverse impact ASTM-D2794 modified
Flex over 1/4 dia. needed without fracture.


  • Rated Watts - Minimum 2700
  • Voltage - 120
  • Amperage - 29.2/14.6
  • Fuel Capacity - 30 Gallons (113.56 l)
  • Run Time - 120 hours
  • Must comply with Mil Spec. W-F 800 for the use of alternative fuels.
    • CF-1
    • CF-2
    • JET-A
  • Starting System - 12V DC Electric & Recoil Rope
    • 2-120V (20A) w/ GFI
    • Low Oil Pressure Safety Protection System
    • Running Time Meter
    • Circuit Breaker Protection
    • Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts
    • Dry Air Cleaner
    • 12V Battery Charging System

* Generator must be approved by the generator manufacture for this application.


    Total Weight: 18 OZ P.S.Y. Width: 61" Yarn: Polyester Count: 20 X 20 Denier: 1000D x 1000D Grab Tensile (FS 5100): 400 x 338 Tongue Tear (FS 5134): 77 x 77 Adhesion (FS 5970): 15 lbs / 2 cm Abrasion (FS 5306): 1000 cycles Low Temperature: -40 degrees Continuous: 180 degrees Intermittent: 200 degrees Finish: Matte Treatments: Anti-mildew, U.V. pigments
  • Putup: 75 yards


1. Repairs Covered: The (RCM) is warranted by BATTS, INC. to the original owner during the WARRANTY PERIOD. The warranty covers repairs to correct any (RCM) defect related to materials or workmanship occurring during the WARRANTY PERIOD. 2. Warranty Period: The WARRANTY PERIOD for all coverage begins on the date the (RCM) is first delivered and ends at the expiration of the COVERAGE period. 3. Coverage Period: The complete (RCM) is covered for one (1) year except for other coverage listed under "WHAT IS NOT COVERED." 4. What Is Not Covered: Labor, tires, battery, generator and bulbs are warranted separately by the individual manufacture.   Damage due to accident, misuse, or alteration.   Damage causes as the result of any of the following is NOT covered:

  • Collision, fire, theft, freezing, vandalism, riot, explosion, or objects striking (RCM). Misuse of the (RCM) such as towing over curbs; overloading trailer or making contact with obstructions such as building, posts, or other vehicles.
  • Alterations or modifications to the (RCM) including the chassis and components, after final assembly by BATTS, INC.

  Damage or corrosion due to environment, chemical treatments, or after market products

  • Damage caused by airborne fallout (chemical, tree sap, etc.), stones, hail, earthquake, water or flood, windstorm, lightning, and applications of chemicals subsequent to manufacture, etc., is not covered.

Damage caused by lack of maintenance or by the use of fuel, oil, and lubricants not recommended.

  • Also, items requiring replacement or repair from routine wear, use, and exposure are not covered.

Due to ongoing improvements, specifications may change without notice.

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