Exhaust Filter System

  • Portable exhaust filter

    HGV & Automotive versions

    Vehicles need not be confined to bays

    Functions immediately on start-up

    Unaffected by moisture

    Separates mutagenic, cancerous and allergy producing substances

    Range of adapters available to fit most exhausts

    Dispose of filters in regular waste

Portable exhaust filters for HGV and Automotive workshops.

The EHC L20 (for trucks & buses) and EHC P15 (for cars & vans) are particle filter exhaust cleaners for the temporary driving of vehicles in workshops.  The filters function immediately on start-up, give maximum flexibility indoors, and are unaffected by moisture.  Using a portable filter means that the vehicle is not confined to a maintenance bay.

The filter separates mutagenic cancerous and allergy producing substances attached to particles in the exhaust fumes. The canister filter is attached to the vehicle's tailpipe, with a range of adapters available to suit most types of exhaust (bellow adapter supplied as standard).    


  • Particle Separation: 99.9%
  • CO separation: ~30%
  • Aldehyde separation: ~90%
  • HC separation: ~35%
  • Max engine size (for P15): 4L
  • Max RPM:
    • 1200 RPM for L20
    • 2500 RPM for P15
  • Max Temperature: 
    • 200 °C for L20 (standard replacement)
    • 300 °C for L20 (reinforced replacement)
    • 200 °C for P15
  • Filter life:
    • ~75-100 starts for L20 (life time dependent on the engine size, type, condition and use)
    • >150 starts for P15
  • Weight:
    • ~5-7 Kg for L20
    • 0.4 Kg for P15
  • Standards:
    • Both L20 and P15 meet TRGS 554 (D) & COSHH (GB) regulations
    • L20 is approved on VERT-Filterlist B272, BAFU, EMPA, TÜV.
    • P15 is approved on VERT-Filterlist B272(CH) and TÜV (D).
  • Filters can be disposed of in regular waste

Part Codes

BOW955 - L20 Exhaust Filter

For trucks & buses

BOW960 - P15 Exhaust Filter

For cars & vans



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