Suffolk Livestock Hauliers benefit from On Board Weigh Scale Installation

Halesworth based D. Blowers Ltd are a long established professional Livestock Haulage company who have been providing a comprehensive transportation service to Farmers and Smallholders since 1951.

Image Courtesy of D. Blowers Ltd

Whether it is a small single uplift or a multi vehicle movement, Blowers have invested in the appropriate equipment to provide a high level of service to their customers. Their semi-trailer fleet is a mix of two, three and four deck Houghton Parkhouse and Pezzaioli boxes.   They also run a fleet of 26 and 18 tonne rigids. This gives them a very flexible set of tools, offering a comprehensive solution to their customers' requirements. As part of an ongoing investment programme they ensure their vehicles are well maintained and comply with all of the current Domestic and European legislation.

Their fleet of DAF trucks were chosen as they are a very good vehicle with which to provide their drivers a 'home from home' environment. The addition of a new Euro 6 Volvo FH and another Pezzaioli trailer to the fleet has further enhanced their ability to cater for their customers' requirements. "Complimenting all of this" cites Blowers' general Manager, Ernie Debenham, "further investment was made earlier this year to the level of service we offer. We were looking for a simple means of delivering product to our customers, whereupon we could then generate a receipt for the amount of product delivered, before moving on to the next customer."

“Until recently, we were loading our vehicles at the beginning of a shift, driving to a weighbridge to determine our payload weight, delivering our first load then returning to a weighbridge to determine the exact amount of payload delivered, before we were able to invoice the customer. And this was the procedure for every delivery made during this and subsequent shifts. A very time consuming and costly procedure. After researching options available to us, we eventually contacted Truck Smart Scale, the On Board Weighing division of Norwich based Bowmonk Ltd. They suggested and presented to us a comprehensive On Board Weighing system which suited our requirements perfectly. We now arrive at our first customer of the day, unload product, monitoring the decreasing weight value on the in cab display and on completion of the drop, issue our customer with a printed receipt, showing a `before and after` Gross and Payload weight value, confirming to the customer his exact payload value. After the initial trial kit was fitted and used, we then decided to outfit other units and trailers. A relatively inexpensive application has significantly reduced our operational costs.”


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