Dawnus chooses Bowmonk on-board weighing system

Established construction company Dawnus, based in South Wales but operating throughout the UK and West Africa, recently invested in on-board weighing technology for two of their Scania tractor units, both of which pull 'swan neck' trailers transporting their heavy plant and external hire fleet across the UK.  One is licensed at 65 tonnes GVW with the other at 150 tonnes GVW, with the latter being a double-drive rear axle suspended by steel springs whilst the 65 tonne unit's rear axle is on air.

Dawnus' senior mechanical engineer, Ceri Wilson, was tasked with finding a means of establishing axle group weights in addition to the total gross weight, but they only required a system for the tractor units.

After much research, they contacted the on-board weighing division of Norfolk based Bowmonk-Tapley, whereupon their UK Technical Executive, Chris Bailey, presented a solution to Dawnus which suited their requirements for both units perfectly.

An 'air/mechanical' system was fitted to the 65 tonne unit. This takes the form of a strain gauge fitted to the steer axle and a feed from the air supply to the drive axle.

For the 150 tonne unit, a mech/mech system was fitted.  Strain gauges were fitted to the steer axle and two were fitted to the drive axle bogey.  Both systems are then connected directly to the in-cab display and once calibrated will read each axle group weight as well as payload and gross vehicle weights.

"With real-time in cab display units now fitted, we can constantly monitor our weights, ensuring we do not exceed our licensed axle weights" said Ceri.

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