Skanska chooses Bowmonk BrakeCheck

Skanska is always looking to achieve the highest operational safety standards, especially the vehicle safety across its infrastructure services business.

The vehicles operating in this division spend a lot of time on the road so they require regular safety inspections, part of which includes comprehensive brake testing.

Eileen Roddis, Senior Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager at Skanska, commented:

"After some research, we decided that the BrakeCheck would suit our requirements perfectly. 

"The test is performed using the Bowmonk BrakeCheck, a DVSA approved decelerometer from Bowmonk Tapley. By using this kit, we are able to accurately monitor the braking performance of all our fleet vehicles to ensure they maintain the highest standards in terms of braking safely and efficiently."

Additionally, Skanska uses Bowmonk's BrakeCheck training facility to ensure its technicians are fully up to date and competent when using the equipment.


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