Industry News: DfT extends trial of longer semi-trailers (LSTs)

Monday 6th February 2017

The DfT’s trial of longer semi-trailers (LSTs) for articulated goods vehicles, which began in January 2012, has recently been extended – both in terms of time (an extra 5 years) and in terms of the total number of LSTs (increased by 1,000 to 2,800).  The operational trial aims to see if using longer semi-trailers brings about anticipated environmental and economic benefits.  More information about the trial is available on the DfT's website

Although LSTs are longer than standard semi-trailers, the trailers must still operate within the UK’s existing domestic weight limit of 44 tonnes for vehicles of 6 axles.  Operators taking part in the trial must collect data on their use of the trailers, including weight data, for which an on-board weighing system such as the Plastecnic on-board weigh scale is particularly useful. 


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