Reminder: Motorcycle MOT Test Bays must be equipped with decelerometers

Wednesday 2nd August 2017

For over a decade the DVSA has required all motorcycle MOT test stations to have a decelerometer to allow brake testing to be completed in the event of a roller brake test failure, or if the motorcycle in question is not suitable for use with a roller brake tester. 

Many modern motorcycles have dual line brake application, which operates both front and rear brakes from one lever, and as such are not suitable for being used with a Roller Brake Tester.

Bowmonk’s BrakeCheck portable decelerometer is available with a robust DVSA-approved bracket which securely attaches BrakeCheck to the motorcycle handlebars, allowing a deceleration test to be carried out.  The result can then be printed with an optional wireless printer.  BrakeCheck is very easy to use and only requires calibration once every 2 years.

The bracket can also be used to attach BrakeCheck to a quad/ATV in addition to motorcycles. 

Click here for more information (then click on the “Mounting” tab).


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