Traffic Commissioners call for Brake Testing Improvements

Thursday 9th November 2017

The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain have called upon operators to improve their approach to brake testing, after warning that the issue of poor brake testing is appearing "far too frequently" during enforcement investigations.

The industry regulators said that many operators are failing to carry out testing at the frequency required under O-licensing law, or at all, and are recording too little on brake test documentation to offer any meaningful assessment, or not recording any information.

Bowmonk's DVSA-approved BrakeCheck portable decelerometer offers an easy to use method of regularly testing a vehicle's braking system, which operators can carry out at their own premises without the expense of visiting an Authorised Testing Facility (ATF) and the associated loss of productivity that this involves.  With an optional portable printer, BrakeCheck produces a detailed report of the vehicle's braking performance.

Click here for more information on the Traffic Commissioners' warning.


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