Brake Testing for Fast Tractors

Sunday 20th May 2018

From today, 20th May 2018, roadworthiness testing is mandatory for fast tractors which are used for transporting a load that isn’t related to agriculture, horticulture or forestry operations, and which are used more than 15 miles from their operating base.  A fast tractor is defined as one that is capable of exceeding 40 km/hr.  Tractors requiring testing must have their first test 4 years after first registration, and a further test every 2 years after that.

A vital part of roadworthiness testing is an assessment of the tractor’s braking system, and a portable decelerometer, like Bowmonk’s BrakeCheck or BrakeCheck4Quarries, quickly measures the brake efficiency of the fast tractor.  The main difference between the 2 units is that BrakeCheck tests the parking brake via a deceleration test, whereas BrakeCheck4Quarries tests the parking brake via a hold-on-incline test.

More information on the new regulations is available here.


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