Bowmonk awarded distributorship for new engine carbon cleaning unit and a 2-pack DPF cleansing solution

Monday 9th September 2019

BrakeCheck manufacturers Bowmonk-Tapley are now official distributors of a new engine carbon cleaning machine, suitable for all engine types and size.
They are now also suppliers of a very effective 2-pack DPF cleansing solution.



• DC powered from subject vehicle – available as 12v dc or 24v dc
• Fully portable
• Height 500mm • Width 310mm • Depth 230mm • Weight 11.5kg or 12kg (24v) or 25kg for 24v High Capacity (including packaging + 1kg) •  
• 12v car machine engine capacity working range – Car machine 12v -49cc – 8000cc petrol or diesel engines
• 24v Truck machine engine capacity working range – Truck machine 24v – 10Litre to 16-litre diesel engines
• 24v High Capacity machine engine capacity working range – 24v High Capacity machine – 14Litre to 30-litre diesel engines.
• 3 separate models •  
• Automatic timer shutdown (60minutes) per treatment (Can be stopped at any point for shorter treatments)
• Intelligent safety control
• Protection from high temperature and incorrect polarity
• Protection from low ambient temperature start-up (Processor controlled ramp-up) • Low current consumption from the vehicle (max 9 amps)
• Hydrogen gas produced at 10 - 60 litres/minute for chemical transport
• Detergent based cleaning chemicals for safe use atomised for low consumption
• Low cost per operation
• Safe in use – treatments can be repeated back to back
• Simple to use
• Easy maintenance
• 12 months warranty
• Annual servicing provided by ECS Ltd includes further 12 months warranty
• Back up and support is provided free
• Adding to our website national dealer locator for direct contact by customers for free
• Designed and manufactured in the UK


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