4G Wi-Fi Routers

  • Support for high-performance antennas

    Cloud management of multiple routers

    Support up to 128 devices

    Wi-Fi captive portal

    Limit the bandwidth per device

    Monetise your Wi-Fi hotspot

    Single or Dual SIM options

    Rugged design

    Auto on/off with vehicle ignition

In-CarPC provide a range of robust 3G and 4G routers which create a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing internet connectivity to mobile devices such as tablets, handhelds and smartphones.

Even though many mobile devices have their own built-in 3G or 4G modems, they often perform poorly in the vehicle environment and in areas of poor network coverage.  Our in-vehicle routers take advantage of high-gain externally mounted cellular antennas to provide significantly better performance.  

For the PSV market our routers allow bus and coach operators to offer their customers the convenience of free Wi-Fi internet access - a service that many travellers now expect to be provided as standard.  Alternatively travellers can be made to pay for internet access - either initially or after having used a specified amount of data.

An example of a customer using In-CarPC's routers is Volvo Construction, who have installed the equipment in all their service vans across the UK - around 100 vehicles in total.  Other customers include Jaguar Land Rover (for Team Sky during the Tour de France), and the Scottish Government. 

Please visit our In-CarPC division's website to find out more, using the following links:

  • For applications where up to 8 devices need to be provided with internet access at any one time (e.g. for service vans, non-passenger carrying commercial vehicles, cars and minibuses): GX450 4G Router
  • For applications supporting up to 128 devices (buses & coaches), or where more advanced features are required such as dual SIM card support or Wi-Fi captive portal: IBR1100 4G Router 

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