Bowmonk VI & 2000

  • Portable


    Supports Pedal Force Transducer

    Built-in Printer & Keyboard

    Also measures Acceleration (2000 only)

    Easy to Use

    For all Vehicle Classes

    Tests Service and Hand Brake

    Download Data to PC (2000 only)

  • Accessories available:

     - Mains Charger

     - Car Charger

    - Pedal Force Transducer

     - Download Smart Module (DSM)

     - Interface box for DSM

     - PC Download Software

The Bowmonk VI & 2000 Electronic Brake Meters have built-in printers and support optional pedal force transducers to measure the force applied to the vehicle's footbrake during braking.  Using the pedal force transducer will also identify any "braking delay" - the time between depressing the brake pedal and the brakes being applied.

The VI & 2000 are extremely versatile instruments designed for brake and skid testing, road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction and vehicle safety inspections.  Portable and DVSA approved, the units are easy to use and produce hard copy evidence of the test results on a built-in printer.  All results are time date stamped and additionally the vehicle and examiner identification can be included - having been entered using the built-in keyboard.

For brake testing applications, the units will also calculate from the deceleration, time and slope, the vehicle speed at braking and distance travelled.  For heavy vehicle brake testing in mines and quarries, these units measure brake effort, which takes into account the vehicle speed and ground slope.

The Bowmonk 2000 allows test results to be downloaded to a PC and is also able to measure acceleration.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal training required
  • Requires only one person to operate
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles
  • Optional pedal force transducer
  • No connection to the vehicle required
  • Built-in battery
  • Tests service and hand brakes
  • LCD display
  • Full alpha numeric keyboard
  • Provides print-out evidence of test results
  • Graphic print-out
  • Self-contained with rugged exterior
  • Stores up to 4 test results in memory
  • Test results can be downloaded to a PC (2000 only)
  • Performs acceleration tests (2000 only)
  • 12-month warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 270 x 325 x 86 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Clock: <1 min accuracy, months and leap years adjust automatically, daylight savings feature
  • Battery: 12V rechargeable, operates for over 12 hours from full charge, battery voltage shown on screen, on-screen warning when recharge is required
  • Power Input Voltage: 21V
  • LCD: Alphanumeric backlit, 1 line 16 characters
  • Keyboard: Full alphanumeric, functions clearly displayed for easy access
  • Printer: Built-in 40 column dot matrix with graphics
  • Range: 0 to 150% g
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%

Part Codes

BOW100 - Bowmonk VI (DISCONTINUED - please use Bowmonk 2000)

Stores 4 Service Brake & 4 Hand Brake tests into memory.  Supports optional Pedal Force Transducer.

BOW200 - Bowmonk 2000

Stores 4 Service Brake & 4 Hand Brake tests into memory.  Supports optional Pedal Force Transducer, DSM and can measure acceleration.

BOW111 - Pedal Force Transducer for Bowmonk VI / 2000

Allows the force applied to the vehicle's footbrake during braking to be measured.

BOW115 - Mains Charger for Bowmonk VI / 2000

Charger supplied with the appropriate plug for the destination country. 

BOW118 - Download Smart Module (DSM) & Interface Box (for Bowmonk 2000 only)

Test results can be copied onto the DSM, which can then be connected to a PC using the Interface Box.

BOW119 - DSM only (for Bowmonk 2000 only)

Download Smart Module only (no interface box).

BOW122 - PC Download Software (for Bowmonk 2000 only)

Allows test results to be copied to, and viewed on, a PC.  

BOW 032 - Spare Paper Roll for Bowmonk VI / 2000

Spare 2-ply paper roll for the Bowmonk VI/2000's built-in printer.



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