CCM (Carbon Cleaning Machine)

An engine carbon cleaning machine, suitable for all vehicle and engine types. From 49cc to 30 Ltr power units, running on either petrol or diesel, of either 2 or 4 stroke configuration.
Vehicle types include :-

•    Automotive
•    Light Commercial
•    HGV
•    Non-road mobile machinery
•    Agricultural
•    Marine



Reduces CO2 – NOx – PN & HC  levels.
Restores engine performance and fuel economy, in most cases returning the vehicle`s perimeter levels to those of their original vehicle specification.
Increases longevity.
Maintains a healthy power unit.
Appropriate for non-road mobile machinery in general use and operating on long term construction projects in emission-sensitive areas. Central London, for example.

Below are the results of recent tests carried out following a carbon clean treatment. The values recorded are in reduction percentages from before and after an emissions test.

Part Codes

12V CCM powered engine carbon cleaning machine for all motorcycles, cars and light commercial vans. 49cc to 8Ltr.

24V CCM (commercial ) – 24v powered engine carbon cleaning machine for all HGV`s up to 16Ltr.

24V (plant)– 24v powered engine carbon cleaning machine for all non-road mobile machinery for up to 30Ltr.

2 pack DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) cleansing solution. (2X 5ltr containers)



Height - 500mm (inc Handle)
Width - 310mm
Depth - 230mm

Weight - 12kg


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