Load-Monitor (< 3.5t LCV)

    Load-Monitor 3500 complements our existing range of On-Board weighing solutions, Bowmonk is now able to supply a comprehensive yet simple Axle Load monitoring system for all 3.5T vehicles that can be retrofitted or installed during the vehicle build.
    Our system is a very user-friendly, low-cost application, affording real-time individual axle load monitoring by way of axle sensors connected to a dash-mounted display unit. This provides the driver with individual load values from the front and rear axles, combined vehicle weight and payload weight, ensuring he stays within the maximum legal limit on all counts.
    The retrofit installation and calibration option can be performed at the operator`s premises in a few hours, minimising vehicle downtime.

    Load-Monitor is an inexpensive, easy to install system available for all < 3.5t Vehicles, affording such benefits as:

    • Easy calibration
    • Accurate weight of the total load and distribution.
    • Avoid overloads or dangerous distribution on the vehicle load
    • Documentation of the work performed
    • Wireless transmission of weight data
    • Accuracy better than 2.5% of max weight
    • Driver alerts when the vehicle is over 100% on max load
    • Easy installation (3-5 hours)

    Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements. 


    The Load-Montior is easy to self-install and includes a comprehensive instruction manual to enable this.  Alternatively we can offer an installation service - please see our installation page.

    We do recommend Bowmonk Ltd install the first kit to help and assist any future installs by customers.

    The installation kit comprises the following parts:

    1. Digital Display
    2. Control Box
    3. 4 x Sensors
    4. Plug and Play Loom
    5. Wiring from sensors box to display
    6. Fittings


    Calibration can be arranged at the point of installation or carried out at a later date as appropriate - please contact our Sales team for details.




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    We have a background vehicle weighing systems and DVSA testing equipment. We understand how important it is to know how much your load weighs before getting onto a public road or weigh-bridge. An accurate load weight can help you to avoid:

        Van overweight penalties
        Increased wear and tear on your Van
        Significant loses if you are charged by Van-Load
        Endless arguments with customers trying to load the Van illegally


    So we offer you an Easy to Install and Easy to Use, Affordable Onboard Weighing System that allows you to know what your payload will be there and then.


    Part Codes

    BOW3500 - Load-Monitor <3500kg Weighing System (4 Sensors)

    Digital On-board weighing system for vehicles under 3500kg (LCV)


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