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'Bowmonk Connected' Decelerometer Information

Please e-mail or call Bowmonk on 01603 485153 for help with your 'Bowmonk Connected' device.
Please quote your meter serial number - this can be found on the device label.

Thank you for purchasing a Bowmonk MTS connectable decelerometer device.

Once you have received your ‘key’ from the DVSA please follow the software installation instructions included on the USB "Thumb Drive" supplied with your device.
Please note : Your existing USB "Thumb Drive" may be out-of-date, so please check the Software Releases section below to make sure you will be using the latest software available.

Remote Support

Useful Links

DVSA - MTS System Status PageMTS System Status
Approved decelerometer devices from BowmonkBowmonk Devices
Approved decelerometer devices from PROSOL UKPROSOL Devices
Garage Equipment Association - NewsGEA News
Garage Equipment Association - Acceptable EquipmentGEA Equipment

Software Releases

These ZIP files contain everything needed to install or upgrade your Bowmonk Connected installation.

NameRelease DateType*Release NoteDownload LinkDownloaded ZIP File SHA1
RELEASE 1.126th November 2019MandatoryRelease 1.1 (PDF)Release 1.1 (ZIP)9b775dae78b96efec2ac1521536663ba672cf4a4
RELEASE 1.07th November 2019MandatoryRelease 1.0 (PDF)Release 1.0 (ZIP)f7d40c00d51d78f790f5b5aa817bb54e16edc94e
* Mandatory : You MUST upgrade to this release as soon as possible.
* Recommended : You may upgrade from your current release to this at your convenience.
Please Note : The Release Note document contains the upgrade procedure for any given release.

Software Patches, Updates and Customisations

Unless otherwise instructed, please download all software from the Software Releases section above.
The items below must ONLY be used under the direct instruction of Bowmonk Ltd.

ItemVersionDownload LinkDownloaded ZIP File SHA1
Key Converter1.0.0.3KeyConverter (ZIP)c5a3bd9020559ce754ebd5fb4049e7150ee197e2

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