Bowmonk BrakeCheck now a DVSA approved connected device

Bowmonk BrakeCheck has been approved as a MTS CONNECTABLE DEVICE
We are pleased to announce that we’re one of the first decelerometer companies to get the MTS Connectivity approval from the DVSA. For the past year we have been working with the DVSA on connecting our BrakeCheck directly to the MOT system in order to reduce errors and save time. In the long term, this will help to reduce or eliminate the number of incorrectly entered results, as well as stopping incorrectly entered vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and mileage. One big advantage of connected MOT equipment will be the time it saves MOT garages. Instead of a tester carrying out a test, noting down the result, then entering it manually, it will be recorded and downloaded directly to the MOT system.

For more information what the DVSA MTS Connectivity means to MOT garages click here.

For information on our BrakeCheck please see here.