Regulatory Guidance (DVSA)

Are portable decelerometers approved for MOT & voluntary brake testing?

Yes, portable decelerometers such as BrakeCheck are indeed approved for MOT & voluntary testing, as long as they are both approved by the DVSA and correctly calibrated.

This is covered in Section 5 of the DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Road Worthiness. We have prepared an extract from this guide in PDF format containing the relevant sections.

Alternatively the full guide can be downloaded from (opens in new window):

Does the DVSA approve portable decelerometers for trailer brake testing?

No, the DVSA has not approved any portable decelerometer for trailer brake testing. The GEA, who operate the MOT equipment approval service on behalf of the DVSA, have issued a statement confirming that this is the case. To gain DVSA approval a test device must be able to determine whether the wheels have locked up, which is not practically possible with a portable device.

However, there are methods available which can allow portable decelerometers to be used as a diagnostic tool and to assist in determining the brake efficiency of commercial trailers – please contact us for more information.