Bowmonk Connected (MTS Software)

Bowmonk Connected is software designed to be installed on a Windows computer in your MOT workshop, enabling you to submit your Bowmonk or Tapley decelerometer test results directly to the DVSA’s MTS system.

To get the software up and running, ensure that the computer meets the following criteria:

– Must be a Microsoft Windows computer. Other operating systems (e.g., Apple Mac/iOS, Android) are not supported.
– Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 (excluding ‘Embedded’ or ‘IoT’ versions).
– For Windows 10 and 11, the device must NOT be in ‘S’ mode (‘Store’ mode).
– Must have a stable internet connection.
– Requires a spare USB port on the PC.

Download the User Guide

Download the Latest Software Installer


You can find the User Guide HERE which includes installation steps and a how-to guide on using the software.

Download the software package HERE which includes the Bowmonk Connected program.

Please e-mail or call Bowmonk on 01603 485153 for help with your ‘Bowmonk Connected’ device.
Please quote your meter serial number – this can be found on the device label.



The PC/Computer that you install the Bowmonk Connected software on must:-

  • Be a Microsoft Windows computer. No other operating system (e.g. Apple Mac/IOS, Android tablet etc.) is supported.
  • Be using the Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11 operating systems (Excluding the ‘Embedded’ versions used by some equipment vendors).
  • NOT be in ‘S’ mode (‘Store’ mode).
  • Be connected to the Internet, preferably using an Ethernet cable.
  • Be connected to the Decelerometer with a fully-functional USB Data cable, NOT just a Charge Only cable .


  • If the certificate issued to you for use with your Bowmonk decelerometer has a hyphen/dash in the filename (e.g. “”, “” etc.), then you MUST use Bowmonk Connected Release 2.0 or later.
  • Also, any NEW installation MUST also use the latest available release.
  • Bowmonk Connected software is no longer delivered with the decelerometer, and is now only available by direct download (See below).
  • If you have a saved copy of a Bowmonk Connected release package, please be aware that it may be out-of-date.

Please see the Downloads tab for the latest release. The User Guide and Release Note are also available.


  • Users of Snap-On’s “DGA 6000 Link” or “Geogas 6000 Link” systems Version and later do NOT need to install our Bowmonk Connected software, as these Snap-On systems will already work with Bowmonk or Tapley electronic decelerometers. Please contact Snap-On directly if you need to add a Bowmonk or Tapley decelerometer to your Snap-On system.
  • For earlier version of Snap-On systems that do not work with our decelerometers, and if the Snap-On computer is the machine going to be used to upload brake test results from a decelerometer, then Bowmonk Connected will still need to be installed on the Snap-On computer.


  • Class 1 and Class 2 test results do not require Bowmonk Connected as the DVSA have not yet implemented ‘Connected’ result collection for Motorcycles.
    As active Motorcycle tests do not appear in Bowmonk Connected, please continue to manually enter test results as usual.

“No Decelerometer connected”

If the Bowmonk Connected program cannot communicate with the Decelerometer for some reason, it will show “No Decelerometer connected” at the bottom it’s window.
The common causes of this problem are:

  • The decelerometer is not plugged in to the PC before starting Bowmonk Connected.
  • The decelerometer is not switched on before starting Bowmonk Connected..
  • The USB cable in use is not the correct type – it MUST be a fully-functional USB ‘Data’ or ‘Synch’ cable, not the cheaper ‘Charge Only’ type.
  • The USB cable’s connectors or wiring are broken / damaged.
  • The mini-USB connector on a Tapley EBM or Bowmonk Brakecheck Series 2 meter has been damaged.

Bowmonk Ltd. offers a reasonably priced remote installation service. Our IT technicians can remotely connect to your PC and complete the installation or upgrade for you, along with a short ‘how-to-use’ explanation for MOT testers.

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please call Bowmonk to book your installation/upgrade slot.

Remote Support Service Guide

How it works.

  • This is usually a chargeable service that must be pre-booked with Bowmonk in advance.
  • Remote Support requires that you download and use a trusted commercial ‘remote access’ tool called ‘Splashtop SOS’™.
  • This will allow Bowmonk technicians to connect to your computer and provide the support you require.
  • Please note, you must have the authority to grant remote access to the computer system in use.
  • Please note, you must already have both requested and received your ‘Key’ zip-file from the DVSA.

How to get started.

  • At or just before your booked appointment time, please click HERE to download the necessary program.
  • A new Web page will appear, and a small program will automatically be downloaded to your computer. Do not click ANYTHING on the ‘Splashtop SOS Download’ page.
  • After a short delay, your web browser will ask you what you want do with the downloaded file ‘SplashtopSOS.exe’ – please choose to ‘OPEN‘ or ‘RUN‘ this.
  • If your computer asks you if you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer, you must click the ‘YES’ button.

What to do next.

  • When the Splashtop software starts, it will provide you with a unique 9-Digit code number after a short delay (highlighted below).

  • Your Bowmonk technican will need this number to access your computer.
  • Please Note : We are able to help you most effectively if you remain on the telephone with us during the support session.

At the end of your support session.

  • To ensure Bowmonk technicians will no longer be able to access your computer, please close the ‘Splashtop SOS’ application that is running .
  • To do this, click on the ‘X’ shown in the top right-hand corner of the picture below.

  • If you wish, you may now delete the ‘SplashtopSOS’ file you downloaded above.
Name Release Date Version Release Note* User Guide Download Link ZIP Package SHA1
RELEASE 3.0 26th February 2021 V4.3.19.0 Release Note (PDF) User Guide (PDF) Release 3.0 Package (ZIP) 417f2e3dfbef5af170329f5c4248d4b0b335d5be
RELEASE 2.0 5th March 2020 V4.3.6.0
RELEASE 1.1 26th November 2019 V4.3.4.0
RELEASE 1.0 7th November 2019 V4.3.4.0

* Please Note : The Release Note document contains the upgrade procedure for any given release.

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Support Files

Description Windows Platform Contents SHA1
FTDI Drivers V2.12.36.4 (WHQL) Windows 7 to 11 (x86/amd64) Installer (FTDI) 1b1fa041eff7b6fab10e9fe73d3149c4db750886
FTDI Drivers V2.12.36.4 (WHQL) Windows 7 to 11 (x86/amd64) INF 232237da18d6615ec79435db32df00e9aeb70742
FTDI Drivers V2.12.36.4 (WHQL) Windows 7 to 11 (x86/amd64) Release Document e40f5b45f99fd4031437d8e8cbe07f2611cc4a35
PuTTY Terminal Windows 7 to 11 (x86/amd64) PuTTY 0.81 3cfc9764083154f682a38831c8229e3e29cbe3ef







Support Quickstart (Only click this if requested to by the Bowmonk Support Team)