‘Bowmonk Connected’ Remote Support Service

‘Bowmonk Connected’ Remote Support Service

How it works.

This is usually a chargeable service that must be pre-booked with Bowmonk in advance.
Remote Support requires that you download and use a trusted commercial ‘remote access’ tool called ‘Splashtop SOS’™.
This will allow Bowmonk technicians to connect to your computer and provide the support you require.
Please note, you must have the authority to grant remote access to the computer system in use.
Please note, you must already have both requested and received your ‘Key’ zip-file from the DVSA.

How to get started.

At or just before your booked appointment time, please click HERE to download the necessary program.
A new Web page will appear, and a small program will automatically be downloaded to your computer. Do not click ANYTHING on the ‘Splashtop SOS Download’ page.
After a short delay, your web browser will ask you what you want do with the downloaded file ‘SplashtopSOS.exe’ – please choose to ‘OPEN’ or ‘RUN’ this.
If your computer asks you if you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer, you must click the ‘YES’ button.

What to do next.

When the Splashtop software starts, it will provide you with a unique 9-Digit code number after a short delay (highlighted below).

Your Bowmonk technican will need this number to access your computer.
Please Note : We are able to help you most effectively if you remain on the telephone with us during the support session.

At the end of your support session.

To ensure Bowmonk technicians will no longer be able to access your computer, please close the ‘Splashtop SOS’ application that is running .
To do this, click on the ‘X’ shown in the top right-hand corner of the picture below.

If you wish, you may now delete the ‘SplashtopSOS’ file you downloaded above.