In-CarPC’s i-PDM

In-CarPC's i-PDM Range

I-PDM Lite

The i-PDM Lite the entry level Power Distribution Module from In-CarPC.

I-PDM Core

The i-PDM Core the mid level Power Distribution Module from In-CarPC.

I-PDM Plus

The i-PDM Plus the top-spec Power Distribution Module from In-CarPC.

Blink Marine PKP-SI

Blink Marine keypad with 15mm icons. Available in various sizes.

The i-PDM is In-CarPC’s latest product, we are jumping into the world of PDM’s (Power Distribution Module). The PDM replaces the relays and fuses of a traditional vehicle electrical system with a fully customisable electrical system.

The i-PDM takes input signals from CAN bus messages, physical switches (including CAN keypads) and analogue inputs and delivers power to various devices including internal and external lighting, vehicle fans and it can even be configured to work with our existing range of in-vehicle PC’s and routers.

By continuously monitoring the current being drawn by each device connected to the i-PDM and using the fully customisable configuration system, the i-PDM protects the connected device and more importantly the vehicle wiring system from over current situations. The i-PDM also has fully resettable trips so once work on the connected device is complete the fix can be tested right away.

The i-PDM also bring the advantage of data logging to the vehicle electrical system making it possible to to track faults in the electrical system by the devices voltage and current usage.