BCPrint (Electronic Printing)



Bowmonk BCprint allows all data to be downloaded from ALL Bowmonk Brake Tester devices to a Windows PC, whereupon you can save, print or view test results on-screen.

BCprint software enables the brake tester results to include the Vehicle Registration Number, Trailer ID , Ground conditions and name of the inspector, along with any additional notes.

To use BCprint, you must use the Serial or USB download cables to connect to the Bowmonk BrakeCheck devices.

Software can be downloaded via the “Downloads” tab.
An electronic key must be purchased from Bowmonk to use the software (1 key per PC) to purchase this please call (01603) 485153 or email [email protected]




BCPrint Instructions Manual

Bowmonk BCprint Software Releases


Name Release Date Release Note Download Link ZIP Package SHA1
BCPrint Release 1.6 11th August 2023 Release Note – R1.6 Download Package – R1.6 (ZIP) e2cc773c367cb2347d799363c10e7bd83aa70ecd
BCPrint Release 1.5 19th July 2023 Release Note – R1.5 Download Package – R1.5 (ZIP) 8c1581b395a4e9e674e2b20ad66510983975032c
BCPrint Release 1.4 23rd September 2022 Release Note – R1.4 Download Package – R1.4 (ZIP) 0b4477a1ee3ae94675c7681def2fea49c546725f
BCPrint Release 1.3 21st September 2022 Release Note – R1.3 Download Package – R1.3 (ZIP) 3b1665033364984dbe31954c37efba5a0bc2768
BCPrint Release 1.2 29th June 2022 Release Note – R1.2 Download Package – R1.2 (ZIP) 43450e3a284ff697542015453a7565cc04b032b2
BCPrint Release 1.1 1st June 2022 Release Note – R1.1 Download Package – R1.1 (ZIP) e7a4cc159e2ce97f1fe134f66939e7541fa83e74
BCPrint Release 1.0 27th May 2022 Release Note – R1.0 Download Package – R1.0 (ZIP) da9deabeb7000e277a60ae26b97fad8457f5a08f
BCPrint 3.0.21 8th April 2022 None Installer For Version 3.0.21 (ZIP) 1ac086b09eb0213bcf41de0d58d1c16b0ab70d12

NB:Once you have downloaded and extracted the zip-file contents, please install BCPrint it using the ‘setup’ program.

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