Selwood Working With Bowmonk For Plant Hire Brake Testing

Equipment hire specialist Selwood is to use cutting-edge brake testing technology on its entire fleet of wheeled plant after entering into a partnership with Bowmonk.
All the company’s wheeled hire vehicles will undergo regular brake testing procedures using Bowmonk equipment as part of Selwood’s stringent pre-hire safety checking regime.
Customers will be issued with a test sheet at the point of hire to show that the service brake and handbrakes have passed.
Bowmonk’s equipment makes it easy to test wheeled equipment without having to attach fixing kits and complicated circuits to the fleet. Its highly-sensitive devices measure the rate of deceleration when braking to determine and report on vehicle brake efficiency.
Results can be output to a printer which is infra-red linked to the BrakeCheck and can also be uploaded to Selwood’s computer systems to be stored.
The use of Bowmonk’s highly-portable BrakeCheck tester also means that brake safety checks can easily be made after on-site repairs have been carried out.
Chris Garrett, CEO of Selwood, said: “Safety and customer confidence are of paramount importance to Selwood, and we carry out highly detailed pre-hire inspections before any of our equipment goes out for hire.
“We always strive to deliver the highest standards to our customers, and Bowmonk’s leading brake testing technology is a perfect fit for Selwood’s testing regime.”
The new systems have been purchased for all Selwood’s plant hire branches across the country, and Bowmonk’s staff helped introduce a training programme for Selwood’s plant hire teams.
Bowmonk`s UK Technical Executive, Chris Bailey said: “Selwood is renowned for its high safety standards and we were pleased to be asked to help build on these by introducing our BrakeCheck devices.
“The portability and ease of use of our systems make them ideal for plant hire applications, where safety is a primary driver for customers.”
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