Livestock Haulier RT Nelson continue to use Bowmonk OBW


RT Nelson have one of the largest fleets of livestock trailers in the South East. Because they collect their payload in weight and not volume, it is important for them to be as accurate as possible. In this industry, guesswork is not an option as this could mean losing thousands of pounds over time.

 RT Nelson`s Transport Manager Jon Symons says “We would have to load our trailers with livestock, drive to a weighbridge to establish the payload weight, deliver to the customer and then drive back to the weighbridge to establish the dropped weight. This procedure was necessary for every drop. Very costly and time-consuming. After some research we found a system from Bowmonk-Tapley that suited our needs perfectly. We can now start our day knowing the payload, make the first drop and note the payload difference on the in-cab display and print the values to verify the dropped payload weight for the customer on the in-cab thermal printer. After trialling on one unit & trailer, we were confident enough to outfit other combinations”.