Rowley Auto Services Ltd find perfect trailer light checking solution

One aspect of our business is checking the electrical systems on an articulated semi-trailer. So that we can do this it is necessary to power up the trailer, usually with a towing unit. However, these are not always available. Following some research as to how we could overcome this, we found the perfect solution from Bowmonk-Tapley. They supply a small portable power pack that will provide a 24V current with which to power up the trailer.

Once powered, we can check all of the trailer`s electrical circuitry, including all of the rear lights, the ABS system and check the integrity of the CAN system.

There is an auto-sequence facility which allows the technician time to walk to the rear of the trailer whereupon the lights will illuminate singularly in sequence.

By far one of our better investments. Very impressed”.



Rowley Auto Services Ltd