Lightweight Trailer Landing Legs

Lightweight – affords extra payload
Tare weight reduction of up to 110 Kg
Load capacity up to 25 tonnes per set
4 sizes for universal fitting
Easy to install and handle
No maintenance required
Time-saving pin-based anchoring system


One of the main features of our landing legs is their reduced weight, instantly increasing the vehicle’s payload capacity by around 100 Kg per load. In spite of the lightweight construction, these landing legs have a loading capacity of up to 25 tonnes and provide the same strength tolerance as a standard pair of heavier iron legs.

As an example, if fitted to a vehicle making 5 deliveries per day for 5 days per week, the lightweight landing legs will give you an extra 2.5 tonnes per week.

The lightweight landing legs are offered in 4 sizes to universally fit to any commercial trailer chassis, and are easy to install and handle. They are designed for vehicles with pneumatic suspension.

The anchoring system is based on a pin actuated by the compression of a spring, avoiding the operator having to tediously extend the leg by using a crank.

Profitable, user friendly and requiring no maintenance, the lightweight landing legs are an attractive and economical solution for all hauliers.


Model             Closed Landing Leg      Open Landing Leg    Distance between Holes    Max Load per Set    Weight per Set   
650×700 800 mm 1,245 mm 50 mm 25,000 Kg 42 Kg
650×880 980 mm 1,447.5 mm 50 mm 25,000 Kg 44 Kg
650×980 1,080 mm 1,547.5 mm 50 mm 25,000 Kg 46 Kg
650×1080 1,180 mm 1,647.5 mm 50 mm 25,000 Kg 48 Kg

Part Codes

BOW970 – Lightweight Landing Legs
Lightweight landing legs (loading capacity 25 tonnes)

Lightweight Trailer Landing Legs PDF Datasheet