Fifth Wheel Autolube Liner

Improves vehicle handling
Guarantees constant lubrication of the fifth wheel
Helps to reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption
Keeps the fifth wheel clean, protected, free of impurities
Realise a considerable saving on lubricating grease &labour
Isolates fifth wheel from trailer
Reduces risk of fire due to spilt lubricating grease


The self-lubricating plate for the fifth wheel results in a perfectly lubricated anchorage for your vehicle. Made of a high-density plastic material, this provides significant levels of resistance and durability. Our fifth wheel autolube liner removes the need to regularly lubricate the plate.

The plate helps to isolate the fifth wheel from the trailer avoiding the magnetic effect that the static loads produce, generated by the direct close contact of the metals.

The high density polyethylene used in the manufacturing of the liner gives maximum viscosity with minimum wear. High load capacity, slip coefficient and longevity are guaranteed.

The minimum life of our liners is typically around 250,000 miles. However, improved driving conditions can result in a considerably longer life of around 500,000 miles.

By replacing the need for lubricating grease, the plate also reduces the possibility of fire from displaced grease falling onto the hot exhaust or onto electronic components.

We supply plates for all variants of fifth wheels currently available on the market.

Part Codes

BOW960-5200 – Clip-on / adjustable
Clip-on fifth wheel cover, for JOST 37C

BOW960-xxxx – supplied as two “half-moon” covers
Replace “xxxx” with:

5042 for JOST-37 CW A-6
5042.1 for JOST-37 CW A-4
5015 for JOST 40-42 W
5048.1 for GF 36-20 W
5044 for GF 36-22 W
5053 for Holland

BOW960-yyyy – single-piece bolt-on
Replace “yyyy” with:

5001 for JOST 36
5002 for Leciñena (old)
5003 for Leciñena (modern)
5004 for Fruehauf
5005 for JOST 30 Ilasa 3.5″
5006 for GF SK S 36-22
5007 for JOST 42
5007.1 for JOST 40/42 special
5008 for VBG 5000
5009 for Rockinger 600
5009.1 for Rockinger 610
5010 for JOST 37
5012 for JOST 38C 3.5″ (old)
5012.1 for JOST 38C 3.5″ (new)
5013 for York Big D 600
5014 for JOST 36 D Sheet
5016 for JOST R-12 Ilasa A,B,C 2″
5017 for VBG Fontaine SP / CI 150 3000 G50
5024 for Davies Magnet Type TJ 3A
5025 for Dayton Walther Trulak
5027 for GF SK-V 36-14.5
5031 for VBG MOD 65 SPL2
5032 for VBG VOSS-22
5032.1 for VBG VOSS-22 New
5036 for GF 38 Holland 3.5″
5037 for VBG SPL
5038 for GF VOLVO 14.5″
5039 for Dayton Walther
5043 for GF 200
5045 for GF 36-20
5045.1 for GF 36-20 Short
5047 for V Orlandi
5049 for Fontaine
5050 for Holland FW 3510
5051 for GF SK 38-36
5052 for JOST 50
5054 for Fontaine 3000 G-50

Fifth Wheel Autolube Liner PDF Datasheet