On-board Weigh Scales (Air 44t)

Improve your vehicle’s productivity
Easy self-installation, no regular maintenance
Android/iOS app shows real-time weight on mobile phone
Ideal for single-man loading
In-cab unit with audible over-weight alarm
Control load distribution by viewing axle weights
Connection to fleet telematics (e.g. TomTom LINK / WEBFLEET)


The Plastecnic On-Board Weigh Scale from Bowmonk is a system for vehicles with air suspension and comes as a complete kit, designed for easy self-installation. Alternatively installation by a Bowmonk technician can be arranged.

The system consists of a single-DIN in-cab unit which displays the gross vehicle weight (GVW), net weight and the axle group weights in real-time.

The system is also able to transmit live weight data via Bluetooth to a nearby Android or iOS tablet or mobile phone, allowing weight data to be viewed remotely outside the cab – particularly useful for single-man loading. In addition to displaying live weight values the phone also displays a traffic-light style weight representation.

Both the phone and the single-DIN in-cab unit produce an audible overload alarm when a pre-selected weight level is reached.

As an optional feature, weight data can also be transmitted to on-board telematics devices (including TomTom LINK) via either RS-232 or Bluetooth, from where data can be integrated into a third party fleet management program (e.g. TomTom WEBFLEET).

This system is ideal for multi trailer “drop & swap” and is suitable for all trailers types, including:

  • Tipper
  • Walking Floor
  • Ejector
  • Flat Bed
  • Tanker
  • Curtain Sider.

The system is accurate to within ±0.5%. An in-cab printer option is also available.

Note – this product is for 44t vehicles with all-air suspension. For other suspension or vehicle types please see:

Kimax 2 for vehicles from 3.5t to 44t with mechanical or mixed suspension
Agri LoadManager for agricultural trailers

Mobile App

The accompanying free Android or iOS app turns your mobile phone or tablet into a remote control display for the on-board weighing system, communicating with the in-cab unit via Bluetooth. The app allows you to improve the loading process and adjust the maximum weight per axle and the maximum gross weight desired.

The loading percentage and the difference to the programmed weight is shown on-screen, with the weight value changing colour as it approaches or exceeds the programmed maximum. An optional alarm will sound to indicate that you are approaching the maximum weight programmed.

Shorten the process of loading and unloading
Fine and instant control of partial discharges
Considerable fuel savings
Reduced risk of fines for overloading
Ability to send data from your mobile phone


The On-Board Weigh Scale is easy to self-install and includes a comprehensive instruction manual to enable this. Alternatively we can offer an installation service – please see our installation page.

The installation kit comprises the following parts which are labelled in the diagram below:

Digital Display
DIN installation kit
Sensors box (receives pneumatic tubes)
Power supply cable
Wiring from sensors box to display
Pneumatic tubes (from vehicle suspension to Sensors box)
Fast-Fit Plug connecting the truck and trailer (for articulated lorries)
Printer (optional)
A schematic showing where the various parts of the system need to be installed in the vehicle is shown below.

Calibration can be arranged at point of installation or carried out at a later date as appropriate – please contact our Sales team for details.

Part Codes

BOW950 – On-board Weigh Scales (Air)
On-board weighing system for vehicles with pneumatic suspension (for articulated vehicles pneumatic suspension is required in both parts of the vehicle)

On-board Weigh Scales (Air) PDF Datasheet