BrakeCheck Accessories

BrakeCheck Accessories include…
– Wireless Printer
– Carry Case
– PC Download Software & Cables
– Motorcycle Mounting Bracket
– Spares & Consumables


A range of accessories are available for the BrakeCheck, including a printer, carry case and PC software.

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IR Printer for BrakeCheck
Part Code: BOW805

This wireless infrared printer, enclosed in a ruggedized rubber casing, allows the BrakeCheck to print brake test results after each test. The printer is supplied with a charger, with an appropriate plug for the destination country.

Carry Case for BrakeCheck

Part Code: BOW813

A sturdy carry case for the BrakeCheck and its charger, which also accommodates the BOW805 wireless printer (& its charger), a spare printer paper roll, and a CD.

Note – part code BOW813 is for the carry case only. A complete kit, including BrakeCheck and printer, can be ordered under part code BOW801KIT.


Handle Bar Bracket & Clamp for BrakeCheck
Part Code: BOW811

The handle bar bracket & clamp allows the BrakeCheck to be securely mounted to the handlebar or front bull bar of a motorcycle or quad/ATV in order to carry out brake tests. The combined BrakeCheck with handle bar bracket & clamp (part codes BOW801 & BOW811) is fully DVSA-approved for the testing of brakes on all types of vehicle, including for vehicles with ABS or linked braking systems.

Please note that in order to retain DVSA approval for Class I & Class II vehicles, the BrakeCheck must be secured to the vehicle using the BOW811 bracket.

CabCheckS (Computer Aided BrakeCheck Software) allows data to be downloaded from the BrakeCheck to your PC, from where it can be viewed on-screen, saved or printed. The Vehicle Registration Number, Trailer ID and name of the inspector can be added to each test, as well as any additional notes.

In order to use CabCheckS the BrakeCheck must be connected to your PC via either the serial or USB download cables shown below.

CabCheckS is available in the following versions:

Standard – as detailed above
MOT – as Standard except without the facility to save data to the PC
Quarry – specifically for the BOW812 BrakeCheck4Quarries
Part Codes:

BOW810 – CabCheckS PC Software (please specify required software version as detailed above)
BOW815 – USB download cable (if ordering for use with an existing BrakeCheck please specify whether your BrakeCheck has the older 4-pin DIN connector, or the newer Mini USB connector)
BOW804 – Serial download cable (only compatible with older BrakeChecks with a 4-pin DIN connector)

Please note that CabCheckS is not currently compatible with BrakeCheck Geo.


Printer Paper Rolls
We stock spare printer paper rolls for a range of printers.

Paper for the current BOW805 BrakeCheck printer can be ordered using part number BOW035. Please contact us for the appropriate part code if you have an older printer.

Spare Mains Charger
A spare mains charger for the BrakeCheck can be ordered using part number BOW814. The charger will be supplied with the appropriate mains plug for your country.