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Established in 1966, Bowmonk Limited has been a world-leading manufacturer of brake testing equipment for 50 years. Approvals from the FAA, Transport Canada, the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency and numerous Transport Departments from around the world are but a few examples of Bowmonk's recognised achievements in its field.

In 2006 Bowmonk purchased Tapley Instrumentation. For over 100 years, Tapley has been a well-respected manufacturer and supplier of portable decelerometers (for more information see Tapley Heritage). The addition of Tapley to the Bowmonk family of products further strengthened our position as market leaders in this field.

In May 2014 Bowmonk purchased In-CarPC, a leading manufacturer of in-vehicle computers.  Now based at Bowmonk's Norwich facility, the In-CarPC division has worked with customers including Manchester Airport, Serco, Volvo Construction, Jaguar Land Rover and DSTL.

Vision and opportunity has led Bowmonk to expand its range of products to assist the safety and management of drivers, vehicles and assets. In addition to in-vehicle PCs these include driver-monitoring devices and airport safety equipment.

Bowmonk Ltd is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory No. 0327Achieving a high level of satisfaction among our customers and global partners is a core component of business at Bowmonk. We strive to increase customer satisfaction and improve experiences with our products and services. To ensure that we work to the highest quality, Bowmonk is a UKAS accredited calibration laboratory meeting the requirements of the International Standard ISO 17025:2017.

In accordance with UKAS regulations we are required to point out that our accreditation is limited to those activities described on our UKAS schedule of accreditation.

For full scope and schedule of accreditation including uncertainties of measurement please click here

We are also proud members of the Garage Equipment Association (GEA), and follow their strict code of practice.  


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